Strange moving tips that actually work

Strange moving tips that actually work

You might already have all of the moving basics, such as newspaper and cardboard boxes; however, as with all big home projects, there is always somebody out there who has more experience than you and comes equipped with a whole host of clever ideas.

Making a move is no different, which is why there are some strange but undeniably useful tips that can make the entire process of relocation go that little bit more smoothly.  One such tip is to introduce your footwear to your stemware.  Doubling up and having some of your belongings protected by other belongings is a very clever idea, not least because it cuts down on both moving supplies and space.  Socks wrapped around wine glasses can help to protect the very delicate stems.

Rather than having to painstakingly wrap each and every one of your dinner dishes in bubble wrap or newspaper, or having to buy those pre-packaged dish packs, simply purchase one very inexpensive bag of Styrofoam plates.  If you alternate the stacking of the genuine plates with the disposable ones, you achieve instant padding with minimum fuss and cost.

Something else that can be used as an additional layer of protection around any piece of furniture during relocation, including your mattress, is old sheets.  Cheap and old standbys can risk a tear or take a stain better than sofa upholstery or a mattress.  As with the socks, making use of sheets as packing material also frees up extra space.

*Although these are helpful suggestions and tips, they may not always work.  Even after following these tips, your goods may be damaged.