Storing your collector car for the winter

Storing your collector car for the winter

Preparing a collector car for the winter months is often very different to preparing an everyday motor vehicle for the season.  Collector cars are generally put into storage during cold weather and there are several steps required to prepare such a car to survive the winter.

The best way to protect your vehicle is to put it into storage.  This will protect your car from bird droppings, dirt, moisture and sunlight.  You should make sure that your storage facility is thoroughly cleaned before putting your vehicle into storage and ensure that any items that might fall on it are tightly secured.  A climate-controlled storage facility is the best idea to keep humidity down, but at the very least you should have desiccant packs or a dehumidifier on standby.

It is a good idea to have the tires lifted off the floor so the tires do not collect any unnecessary moisture while being stored. The vehicle also needs to be protected against critters.  Strategically place mothballs and mousetraps and ensure that the tail pipes of your car have been plugged with steel wool.  Wrap the air cleaner securely in a plastic bag to prevent insects or mice taking up residence in the housing.

When putting your vehicle in storage for the winter drain all oil and gas, and lubricate the cylinders.