Storing medical records while moving

Storing medical records while moving

Medical professionals are only too well aware of how important it is to make sure that patient information is protected, and that it is their responsibility that it is.  As well as the hefty fines which can be associated with a breach of privacy – up to $1,500 for just one such incident – there are also ethical considerations which are taken extremely seriously by clients when it comes to the protection of their private information and the storage of medical records.  With cases of identity theft on the increase and extremely confidential medical information at stake, any firm that handles medical records needs to have stringent security and storage safeguards in place.

This is particularly true during the disruption and confusion that are often caused by a move.  With the physical move being handled by strangers, normal protocols are placed on temporary hold while records are transferred from one place to another. This is the most common time when breaches of privacy take place.

Patients have experienced their information and their identities being stolen. This is something which is notoriously costly and difficult to repair, and causes a public relations nightmare for healthcare companies.

It is vital to choose the right mover for the storage of medical records.  The great majority of medical centers, doctor’s offices, laboratories and hospitals make use of a logistically complex plan that involves utilizing the services of a standard moving company together with the services of a specialized medical records storage company.

Jon Huser