Storing furniture in a facility without climate co …

Storing furniture in a facility without climate co …

While most moving companies will provide climate-controlled storage facilities, it may be that the one you are using does not. If your furniture needs to be stored long term, how do you protect it from damage?

If you are putting wooden furniture into a moving company storage facility without climate control, make sure that you disassemble everything as much as possible to help to reduce the risk of damage; for example, take off any table legs and parts such as headboards and footboards. Clean the furniture and wax the surface to provide the wood with extra moisture. This will also offer protection against excess damp.

Wrap your furniture in plastic or shrink-wrap where possible and double up on the layers where you can. This will also offer protection from pests.

If your sofas are going to be in long-term storage you will need to make sure that they are clean and dry to reduce the possibility of mold or mildew. You can use padded covers or other protective materials such as blankets to offer more protection.

Put items back in their original packaging wherever possible, making sure that all spaces in the boxes are filled with padding for extra protection.

Metal items such as bed frames should be polished to stop them rusting over if the air is not climate controlled, then wrap them as much as possible in plastic or shrink wrap to give them more defense against the environmental conditions.