Storing College Dorm Furniture in the Summer

Storing College Dorm Furniture in the Summer

Summer break is one of the most memorable times for college students. Most students have plans that don’t involve sticking around campus all summer. With the majority moving home, traveling abroad, or taking a summer job, many students are trying to figure out what to do with all their furniture until the new semester starts. Bekins Moving Solutions is the mover college students call to assist them with moving and storage. Here are a few easy ways to store your dorm furniture for the summer.

Moving Too Expensive? Store It!

If you are moving a large distance from campus during the summer, it may not be worth paying the price to move everything. Instead of moving all of your stuff for the summer, why not consider storing it?  Storage for the summer break is usually easy and inexpensive making it an ideal solution for college students.  Here are some tips for storing your stuff for the summer holidays:

On-Campus Storage Solutions

Talk to your college’s housing representative first. Many colleges offer temporary storage for students’ belongings during the summer break. However, sometimes storage through your school can be more expensive than through a private company. Determine the cost of on-campus storage solutions and compare to prices from private companies. Take into consideration the time and convenience of moving your items back in the Fall.

Storage Facility Near Campus

If you don’t have an on-campus storage option, look for a storage facility near campus.  In college towns, there tends to be a lot of storage options nearby. Check out at least three different places and compare the cost, features, and security of each before deciding.

Ask for Advice

Talk to your fellow students about their experiences with storage facilities in the area. Perhaps you have some friends on campus that also need to store their furniture for the summer.  It is common for students to pool their resources to cover the cost of a self-storage unit. Working together can also be a good way to split the costs of moving your stuff between the dorm and storage facility.

Ask Friends and Family

Talk to your friends and family about your storage needs.  If you are going to be gone for the summer and need a place to keep your stuff, talk to friends and relatives living in the nearby area. Ask to use their garage to store your items and offer to pay them for their trouble.

Prep Your Furniture

Before you move, you will need to prepare your furniture for storage. You’ll need to invest in some tape, rope, brown paper sheets (or plastic), and boxes.  These materials will be used to cover and protect your furniture and belongings while in storage.

Get Rid of Clutter

If there is furniture you won’t be using next semester, get rid of it.  Sell it to another student or donate it.  There is no sense in paying to store furniture you know you won’t be using again after you move.