Store items safely

Store items safely

When putting items into storage, you need to make sure that they are adequately protected so that they will not be damaged by spending months in a storage facility; this protection can vary from item to item.  Electrical equipment such as stereos, televisions and videos, for example, are very sensitive and delicate, and will need to be handled with a great deal of care.

If you still have the original boxes for these items then they would be the best option to pack them in before placing them into storage.  If not, you should wrap electrical goods separately in bubble wrap before placing them in cartons; extra protection can be provided by sealing the top.  Do not forget to pack out any gaps there may be in the carton.

The tone arms and turntables of record players need to be made secure in order to prevent any damage from occurring while the relocation is taking place.  Records should be packed on their edges in cartons to prevent any warping that might otherwise occur.

If you are intending to put into storage any items of metal then there are likewise a few tips to keep them safe.  Chrome or cast iron items should be wiped with a little oil in order to cut down on the chances of rust, while silver should be wrapped in plastic bags or non-acidic tissue paper to cut down on tarnishing.