Storage with a moving company trumps self storage

Storage with a moving company trumps self storage

Self storage sites have become quite popular over the course of the last few years, but personally I don’t think they are all that.  The truth is that it is still far cheaper and far less hassle to use a moving company with storage facilities than it is to try and do it on your own.

Going the traditional storage route means that your container will be packed by experts instead of you having to blunder along and do it all on your lonesome.  It is far less likely that anything untoward will happen to your belongings in the hands of the professionals, and it is also ultimately considerably more cost-effective to let the experts handle it.  Why try and do it alone?

Before putting your things into storage, make sure that you have everything professionally wrapped. This is particularly important when it comes to protecting both curtains and clothing from becoming damp.  Make sure that your goods do not include any flammable materials – the moving company you elect to use will be able to provide you with a full list of all of the hazardous goods that you are not allowed to store there.

Whichever movers you select, one of the crucial factors you should enquire about is security.  The storage facilities should have intruder alarm systems and 24-hour security cameras.  In self storage units all you have to secure your goods is a padlock; however, with traditional storage you are given a uniquely numbered sealing device, with the seal remaining in place until after you have retrieved your possessions.

Lance Grooms