Storage – what can’t go?

Storage – what can’t go?

One mistake people make when using moving and storage company’s services is simply asking the company to take everything away; however, there are some things that should not put in storage for convenience reasons and some things that are prohibited. For this reason, make sure that you do a little planning before the moving company arrives.

Check with the company in advance to find out whether there are any items that are prohibited. It is common for foodstuffs not to be taken and flammable products such as paint are also prohibited. Taking these things into storage can put your goods – and those of others using the same facilities – at risk.

There are also some things that you should hold back and store separately for your own convenience. If you tell your moving company to take everything, you may find that you are left only with the clothes that you are wearing. The company’s storage services may not be accessible when you need to get your clothes back or those family items that are essential for everyday living; therefore, make a list of the items you need to hold back.

The trick is to separate out the things that you want to keep with you. This means putting some of your clothes, your children’s clothes, toys, books and your personal papers to one side and making sure that they remain with you. Lock these items in a separate room or move them out before the movers get there so that they cannot be taken by mistake.