Storage tips that save time and money

Storage tips that save time and money

Making use of packing accessories such as porta-robes, tape, plastic covers, bubble wrap, cartons and paper will help to protect and maintain your items after they have been placed in storage.  A wide array of packing accessories can be obtained from moving companies, general stores or via the Internet, and there are a number of tips that can assist you to save both time and money.

One good tip is that cartons should be filled to capacity when placed in storage; however, they should not be over-filled or under-filled, as this can result in bulging or half-filled boxes collapsing or tipping over.  Heavy goods such as tools or books need to be packed in smaller cartons to ensure that they are easy to handle.

Unpacking can be made a lot easier by labeling cartons on a room-by-room basis.  If you have to locate something that has been put into storage, this will also give you a much better idea of which carton to start looking in than would otherwise be the case.

Appliances such as freezers and refrigerators should be clean and dry before being placed into a storage facility.  The door should be left slightly ajar with a deodorizer placed inside the appliance to maintain freshness.  You should resist the temptation to store other items inside freezers and refrigerators, as this may result in marking or damaging the shelves and linings.