Storage services – are your goods protected?

Storage services – are your goods protected?

Occasionally when a family is moving house their goods need to go into storage. You might only need these storage services for a few days but once your things have been moved you will want to know if they are secure and safe.

Most moving companies will offer round the clock CCTV to ensure that the storage units are under surveillance all the time and that they are safe from intruders. They should also be protected from other dangers such as fire, so ask about fire alarms, sprinkler systems and any other protective measures that might be taken. Your moving company should be happy to discuss all of this with you.

There are other things that could be a problem when you store your possessions. Are there measures in place that will protect your things from dangers such as rot, damp and mildew? The last thing that you need when you get your things to your new home is to find that they are covered in mold and other contaminants that are difficult to remove.

Next up are those pesky pests. Mice and rats are famous for being able to get into enclosed spaces as they only need the tiniest of gaps and the damage that they can do is unbelievable. Your wooden furniture could be gnawed and holes can be left in fabrics and other items. Find out if your moving company has proper pest control and how enclosed the storage units are to be sure that you are safe from this type of damage.