Storage hints

Storage hints

With storage facilities spread all over the United States, you will easily be able to find somewhere that is suitable for your needs – whatever these needs may be.  There are some handy hints and tips to take under consideration while packing, moving and storing your personal possessions.

When it comes to furniture, the best advice is to place big items at the base of the storage facility, as these items then become a good base upon which to place lighter items.  When putting items of furniture into storage you should cover them in order to give extra protection against dust.  If it is possible to dismantle your furniture, do so in order to save on space.  Chairs can be stacked seat to seat for similar space-saving reasons, but it is vital to remember to place paper or cloth between each seat.  Bigger items such as couches can be stored on end; however, if you do this, you should not put anything heavy on top of them.

Breakable items should be separately wrapped and then stored in packing boxes.  No heavy items should be placed on top of these boxes, and paper should be put on the bottom of the box as well as the top to avoid it caving in.

Bowls, plates and saucers should be packed on their sides.  When packing mugs and cups, the center of the box should be packed with additional paper to give extra stability.

Full-service storage companies will put your items to be stored into a wooden crate and seal it for you.  When it’s time for your goods, they will drop them off for you.  Many times this is a good option for long term storage.