Storage for the long term

Storage for the long term

A reliable moving company can be of assistance when you are in need of storage for the long term for some or even all of your household items.  Generally speaking, long-term storage means that you need to store items for a period of longer than two months; anything below two months is normally considered to be short-term storage and is often treated differently.

Short term storage can mean that your items will simply stay inside the truck of your moving company overnight, if this is all that is required, or for just a couple of days.  The trailer that contains your possessions should be securely located inside a monitored and locked yard.  In some circumstances your trailer might even be offloaded inside a secure warehouse for the purposes of short-term storage.

When you are making a move that requires long term storage then a reliable moving firm will be able to accommodate your requirements with alarmed, monitored and climate controlled warehouses to protect your possessions.  Your belongings, which will either stay in boxes or in protective wrappings or padding, will be safely stored within a container so that they are not mixed up with the possessions of others, although items such as appliances or sofas may be stored in the warehouse on specially designed racks.

There are other reasons besides moving why long-term storage may be needed, such as flooding or some other kind of disaster.

Jon Huser