Storage for Christmas Tree Companies

Storage for Christmas Tree Companies

Operating a Christmas tree company requires several large tools, storage space, and marketing materials… For only a month or two out of the year. For the remaining months, it’s imperative to store your items properly to ensure they’re in mint condition the following year. There are many storage tips and economical storage options that will promote a stress-free storing process and a smooth start up to operation come next year.

Storing Christmas Tree Tools

Storing your gardening tools properly is key to ensuring a smooth holiday season upon arrival. However, the most important step to storing Christmas tree tools is proper preparation. It’s important to thoroughly clean all tools and let them dry fully before placing them in storage. Any dirt, wood chips or debris left on the items can deteriorate the surface and cause problems when you go to use them the following year.

Storing Machinery

Safe storage of equipment is key to ensuring stress-free operation as the new holiday season begins. Machinery, such as forklifts much be kept in an area that is secured from unauthorized access. To ensure optimal storage quality, you’ll always want to keep any machinery indoors.

Lastly, you’ll want to wash your machinery (and let it dry) thoroughly prior to placing it in storage and for an extra layer of protection, covering the items will help prevent deterioration from dust and debris.

Consider Renting Storage

Leasing a large warehouse for the entire year when your business only generates revenue for two months may not be the economical option. Renting storage space, however, is. There are several different types of storage options – from rack storage to cage storage, palette storage and vault storage that can provide affordable storing alternatives for Christmas tree companies.
At Bekins Moving Solutions, we provide significantly more economical storage than placing your business essentials in a mini-storage unit. Our professionals provide you with a stress-free process, loading and storing your items, and delivering it when needed.

Explore the Different Storage Options

When you think of storage facilities, you likely think of the outdoor storage units that are commonly seen lining country backroads. In addition to various shapes and sizes, there are many other economical options that can suit your needs for business storage, such as palette storage and cage storage. As a bonus, Bekins Moving Solutions can do the heavy lifting and loading for you and our professionals will even deliver your items when the Christmas tree season rolls back around.

Be Aware of Prohibited Items

There are some items that you cannot store in storage. To avoid discrepancies, it’s highly recommended to be aware of these items prior to loading up shop. While the prohibited list of items may vary from storage facility to storage facility, a general rule of thumb is that anything flammable, hazardous, illegal or alive cannot be put in storage. This includes chemicals you may use to grow your Christmas trees, as well as the Christmas trees. You will need to find alternative storage for such items.

Use Storage Containers to Keep Decorations

As a Christmas tree company, proper organization is imperative to your success, especially for those long lines of Christmas lights that like to get tangled at any chance they get. Use storage containers to house your decorations to ensure optimal storing conditions. Make use of proper packing materials to make sure your business’ decorations are ready for the next holiday season.


Bekins Moving Solutions offers full-service moving and storage options for businesses such as your own. Our professionals will do all the hard work for you, from start to finish so you can focus on filling homes with holiday cheer each year.