Storage container for online inventory

Storage container for online inventory

Running an online business is an exciting venture. You have the right number of customers that allow you to store your inventory in your home or business but as your business continues to grow, the inventory will quickly begin to take up valuable space. And as the saying goes, mess equals stress and as an entrepreneur, you already have enough on your plate. Renting a storage container for online inventory can be the perfect solution you’re looking for, and making the move isn’t all that difficult, especially with some helpful tips from the pros.


Create an Inventory

Renting a storage container for online inventory can be difficult without an inventory. Fortunately, most online eCommerce platforms record your inventory accurately as long as you initially put in the correct information. So, creating an inventory can be as easy as printing it off. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the items you have which won’t be too daunting since you’ll be packing them up for storage anyway. Simply record which items you’ve packed and you have your inventory.

Properly Pack Your Items

Your inventory is your revenue and in order to sell it at top dollar, the items must be in optimal condition. Gather the proper packing materials for the products you sell, such as cardboard boxes and plastic storage containers, bubble wrap, wardrobe bags, and plastic wrap, and carefully pack your items.

Label Each Box Meticulously

Before you add a final seal of tape to your packed inventory, properly label the boxes with a clear description of what’s inside. Failing to do so will cost you a significant amount of time, as you’ll have to sift through all of the boxes whenever you need to find a specific product.

Use a permanent marker and in large letters, write the product categories or collections on the box, so you can easily find the products as needed.

Create a Floor Map of your Storage Container

Once you have moved your inventory to your storage container, it’s time to create a plan. Take measurements of your unit and draw out where each item can be found, as well as how many you have and the date in which it was stored. Update this regularly as you move your products in and out of the storage unit to maintain an easy, organized process.

Consider Climate Controlled Storage

Depending on the products your online store sells, you may want to consider renting a climate controlled storage. These types of units offer optimal storage conditions, as you have full control over the temperature and moisture levels. This is particularly important if you sell electronics or fabrics, artwork or other valuables that are fragile to different elements.

Choose a Storage Unit Close To You

Your business is thriving and you suddenly need to access your storage unit regularly. This is great news but if your storage unit is a far distance from your home or business, it can be a timely (and costly) process. Consider moving to a storage unit that is in close proximity to you. If you have yet to rent a storage unit, this is definitely something you’ll want to consider to avoid any discrepancies or inconveniences in the future.

You only need access to your stock once the items have been purchased. So, declutter your space, increase productivity and enjoy the convenience and organization that comes from renting a storage container. At Bekins Moving Solutions, our professionals will come in and do all the packing, loading, transportation and storing for you. Speak with one of our specialists today for details on how renting a storage container for online inventory can improve your business practices.