Steve Harvey chose Chicago

Steve Harvey chose Chicago

Chicago was a favored pick for comedian Steve Harvey for his new TV talk show.  According to the producers, New York, Atlanta and Connecticut were also choices, but Harvey stated that Chicago was his favorite pick.  He lived in the city during the 90s when on WGCI-FM.  The comic stated that Chicago is a great city with wonderful neighborhoods.  He also said that as his family will be moving too, Chicago is the best place to go.

There are thousands who agree with Harvey that Chicago is a great place to live.  Whether one has to move long distance to the city or just move a few miles, it is worth it.  Chicago has plenty to offer residents considering relocation for employment, or just because they need to move for a job.

Chicago has several nightclubs and bars, such as Howl at the Moon, for adults to enjoy.  The Windy City also has an aquarium, the financial district, and plenty of history to keep individuals entertained should relocation to Chicago be a choice.  If you enjoy Steve Harvey’s shows, you can also enjoy his new talk show live if you move to Chicago.

Of course that is just a perk of living in the Windy City.  The lake area, downtown malls and other shopping add to the benefits of moving to Chicago.  The city also has a fair number of businesses for those in need of employment. 

Jon Huser