Staying in touch with your military move sponsor

Staying in touch with your military move sponsor

When you are working together with a sponsor on a military move, it is vital to stay in contact with them as much as possible.  It is important to start communicating with them as early and as openly as you can, whether by telephone or email, and there are some good tips to help you to get the most from the sponsorship program.

It is important to provide your sponsor with all relevant information about you and your family so that they have the details they need to properly assist you with your military move.  Tell your sponsor all about your family, including the ages of all your children, and let them know if someone in your family has special needs.  You should also let your sponsor know if you have any family pets you wish to take with you on the move.

Your sponsor needs to know what your immediate needs will be when you arrive at your new post following relocation, such as temporary housing, child care or an automobile.  Discuss the types of housing that will be available, such as installation housing, homes for sale or rentals.

Your sponsor also needs to be aware of the exact time and date that you will be arriving at your new post and the method by which you will be getting there – by car, metro, train, or if it is an overseas move, by plane.  Any other specific concerns also need to be directly addressed, such as getting to know the community you are moving into.