Stay safe and healthy when packing

Stay safe and healthy when packing

Moving home - moving company has access to houseYou might think that packing up your home will not create any safety and wellbeing concerns; however, as you will be moving around heavy boxes and other items, you can easily injure yourself if you do not complete this process correctly. Here are a few manual handling tips to help you to avoid injuring yourself in the run up to your house move.

The first tip is to make sure that all walkways are clear in your home. Carrying a large box could obstruct your view and increase the likelihood of you falling over something. If you can, make sure that somebody else is present so you are not moving items around by yourself.

When you are lifting something, make sure that you do not put all the pressure on your back; your leg muscles are better designed to take this type of pressure. Make sure that you bend your knees and rise slowly as you lift the box. Your back should be straight while you are doing this, making it less likely to suffer an injury to your back.

Your professional movers are likely to have lifting equipment to help them on the day of the move and there are a couple of items of equipment that can also help you. A dolly truck will help you to move around the heavier boxes, as it is on wheels, and you can make use of back supports if you have to do some heavy lifting.