Starting Over in Peoria, Illinois

Starting Over in Peoria, Illinois

If you know anything about vaudeville, you may well know that Peoria, Illinois became synonymous with these shows in mainstream America when performers would ask, “Will it play in Peoria?”  The answer to that question would often determine whether a performance was wide reaching or too risqué to play.  Knowing this, would you want to move to Peoria?


Today, the city is a bustling small town with a population of 372,487 and a good rate of job growth – about 6.4%.  So, if you need to make a fresh start in the Midwest, you might consider moving to Peoria.  There are plenty of big manufacturers like Caterpillar, Inc. and other similar companies with operations and factories in the area.

In addition to factories and manufacturers, there are a diverse selection of small businesses throughout the city.  Since 2007, Peoria has been working to grow its small business sector, especially in the technology industry.   Additionally, a new entertainment project has moved into the area.

The Block, Peoria’s new entertainment initiative, features a theatre, planetarium, and an interdisciplinary museum.  Later, in 2012, the Caterpillar Experience will open on the riverfront.

Moving to Peoria, Illinois can make for an exciting new life.  With jobs available and entertainment to boot, many people are relocating to the area.  The average home price is about $140,000 and the per capita income is about $38,000.

Jon Huser