Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day takes place every year on May 4th for reasons that come down to nothing more than a witty play on words.  Possibly the most famous quote from the massively popular science fiction film series is “May the force be with you”, and someone decided that Star Wars Day should be on May the fourth!

It is easy to celebrate Star Wars Day.  You can simply watch any of the six (soon to be seven) Star Wars movies, or better still have a marathon and watch them all!  You might want to send a Star Wars e-card (yes, there really is such a thing) to a friend, have a Star Wars costume party, or bone up on some of the seemingly endless Star Wars trivia out there.

The creation of Star Wars Day – also referred to as Luke Skywalker Day by some fans – was something of an accident.  It originated nine years ago, back in 2005, when a German news television channel, N24, erroneously translated the famous “”May the force be with you” quote from the film as “We are with you on May the 4th”.  That being said, it is highly likely that even if this accident had not occurred, someone would have spotted this linguistic correlation eventually.

Some sources refer to May 4th as National Star Wars Day; however, there does not appear to be any genuine record of the day being declared as such by the president or US Congress.