Staging your house optimizing how fast it sells! D …

The secret to selling your house fast and at top value is to stage your interior to perfection. Home staging is a little trick that can make your home look as attractive as possible, while also making it appealing to a vast array of potential buyers so it sells fast. While a professional stager does come with a fee, there are some staging tips you can implement today on your own for a fraction of the price.



The first thing any real estate agent or professional interior stager will tell you is to depersonalize your home. When potential buyers come to view your house, seeing items such as photos of you and your family in the space can make it difficult for them to envision themselves living there. So, the first step is to remove anything that puts your family’s stamp on the interior. Think photos, holiday cards and memorabilia from your latest family vacation.


Once you have de-personalized your home, it’s time to give it another walk-through so you can de-clutter the space. Mess equals stress which can drive potential buyers away. It’ll also give off the appearance that your house has not been well taken care of. So, grab three boxes and separate your items into one of three categories: to donate, to throw out or to store.

Clearing out the clutter will open up the space, making it appear larger, brighter and enticing to potential buyers.

Rent a Storage Unit

Now that you have removed your family heirlooms and photos from the walls, and have separated your belongings into three boxes, it’s time to clear them out. For the items you’ll be donating or throwing out, do so right away. Otherwise, they’ll sit in the corner of a closet, collecting dust and driving away potential buyers. For the items you’ll be moving into your new home, rent a storage unit to house your belongings until moving date.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to continue storing your items in the storage unit once you’ve moved into your new humble abode. This allows you to enjoy the space fully instead of bombarding it with clutter, boxes, and containers of seasonal décor.

Take Away Furniture

The secret to staging a home to sell is to have as little furniture and décor in the space as possible while having just enough to make the house feel like a home. This takes a bit of strategy and a professional stager will certainly serve as a benefit for this part of the process. However, you can get started by simply eliminating the number of items you have for the same thing and putting them in a storage unit for the time being. For example, instead of six kitchen chairs sitting around the table, you’ll want to reduce it to four kitchen chairs and instead of 10 throw pillows on the couch, you’ll want to leave only two.

This handy trick can be done in all rooms. In your bedroom, leave the nightstands and remove the dresser; remove the extra dinnerware in the cupboards; extra blankets, toys, candles, tables, and slowly work your way through your home.

Staging a home is a powerful marketing tactic that can bring in an abundance of offers in very little time. However, the secret is to not only remove certain items from their place but to remove them from your property altogether. In other words, stuffing your basement or garage with the boxes will not do justice. So, make sure you have rented a storage unit to house your belongings while your home is on the market.