Spring Cleaning Before A Spring Move! If You Like …

Spring Cleaning Before A Spring Move! If You Like  …

Spring has officially arrived and it’s time to finally crack open the windows and let some fresh air in. But there’s a problem. As soon as you do just that, dust bunnies start burrowing up from the corners of every room and with an open house fast approaching, it’s easy to consider keeping the windows closed until your home sells.
But don’t be mistaken – the fresh air will help create the ambiance you want in your home to help it sell faster. So, embrace the great outdoors and put these spring cleaning tips into action to ensure a fresh and dust-bunny-free interior.

The Number One Rule is to Declutter

The first thing you want to do before starting your spring cleaning before moving is a good, thorough declutter of every room in the home. Not only is decluttering essential to the successful sale of your home, but it’ll also make the cleaning part much easier as well.
So, set up three different moving boxes – one for donations, one for items going in the trash and one for the items you’ll keep. Then, start working your way through your home, filling the boxes up one room at a time. Once you’ve decluttered each room, take the donation and garbage boxes to their final destination and store the boxes containing your belongings in a storage unit. It may be tempting to toss those boxes back in the basement but a corner full of cardboard doesn’t necessarily scream, “interior design”.

Wash All of your Belongings Before Storing Them in Boxes

This spring cleaning tip goes hand-in-hand with the prior. The first thing your real estate agent is going to tell you is to depersonalize your home. This involves removing any knick-knacks, pictures, personalized items, kid’s toys, out-of-season equipment, décor items and pretty much anything that doesn’t have to be in the home.
While it’s tempting to stuff these items in moving boxes without thinking twice about it, you need to wash your belongings prior to doing so to ensure optimal storage conditions for all of your belongings.

Go on a Scrubbing Mission on All Surfaces and Baseboards

Now that your home is decluttered, you’ll see plenty of surface areas and baseboards that need a good scrub. So, grab your wash rags and all-purpose cleaners and prepare to put some elbow grease in.

The key here is that you aren’t just doing a regular wash. Instead, you need to scrub those surfaces – cupboards, doors, countertops, baseboards, light switches, etc. – until there’s absolutely no dirt or debris on them. Moving forward, a simple scrub down prior to showings should suffice.

Do a Deep Clean on the Carpets

If you have carpets in your home, it’s highly recommended to give them a good deep clean. They may look immaculate, but carpets absorb all kinds of dirt, debris, smells and stains, all of which can deter potentially homebuyers. So, whether you’re getting on your hands and knees with a bucket and brush, renting a steam cleaner or hiring a professional, this is one spring cleaning tip you can’t skip over when preparing for a move.

Freshen Up the Exterior

the main selling points of a home, as it’s the first thing potential homebuyers see. So, look for anything that throws your home’s beauty off, such as dingy-looking exterior windows, chipped paint, dirt and debris on the driveway, and overflowing gutters. Then, start cleaning.

You may need a ladder, power washer and some extra muscle for this last spring cleaning task, so be sure to grab these items prior to starting because there’s nothing worse than dragging out the ladder only to realize that you don’t have the other tools needed for an exterior cleanup.

Spring is here, but it’s time to turn the benefits of this fresh, blooming season into a sale! Put these spring cleaning tips into action and fill your home with the Spring ambiance potential homebuyers are looking for.