Sponsorship and eSAT

Sponsorship and eSAT

Sponsorship is the key to a successful move for a military family, as  it helps to create cohesion within the unit and assist with a smoother transition to a new community and installation.  The Department of Defense recognizes the importance of successful sponsorship and decided to create the Electronic Sponsorship Application & Training (eSAT) in collaboration with the military services to give all appointed unit sponsors standardized sponsorship training regardless of their branch of service.

Service members are able to access the eSAT website by using their common access card.  It is a secure application and provides an official certificate that can be kept with your unit records after the move.  The unsecured public eSAT is a very good option if you just want to take a peek at the nature of a sponsor’s responsibilities.  The training offers resources and information for effective sponsorship, although the unsecured version does not offer a certificate.

Electronic Sponsorship Application and Training was designed to support service members in the military who have been given the responsibility of sponsorship in order to better serve those service members who have been given notice of an impending military move.

Key features include an online training course with links to all service branch and DOD websites that support the process of military relocation, a downloadable checklist of duties, a printable certificate of completion for the sponsor’s records, and accessible reports for relocation professionals and unit leaders.