Specialty storage

Storage firms have evolved over the years and the design of many of today’s storage facilities has been shaped by the needs of their customers.  Storage companies today frequently offer specialty services that can meet the requirements for temperature control, document protection, wine storage, humidity control, business storage and more.

A typical storage facility offers rooms in a big building or in units resembling garages, which can be driven up to.  Many companies provide outdoor units for the storage of motor vehicles as well as other items that can better withstand the elements.  Outdoor facilities often include a space that has a fence, floor and roof, and these units are often chosen for extra security by those who are not comfortable with the idea of just leaving their vehicles on the street.

Storage facilities are commonly protected by a fence that surrounds the entirety of the complex and may feature other additional security features such as controlled access, video surveillance and lighting.  The average storage facility does not deal with the requirements of all people who are looking to store belongings away from their homes or businesses, however, which is why specialty storage services have been created in order to accommodate such people.  There are a number of storage facilities that specialize in protecting items from moisture and extreme temperatures, which are factors that can become a big problem in a surprisingly large range of situations.  Anyone who is starting a wine collection may find that there is nowhere in their home that is appropriate to store these items, for example.

There are some storage facilities that specialize in the storage of wine or that at the very least offer climate control features that make the facility appropriate for this usage.  Some facilities may offer rooms that come with wine racks already built in, while others have underground areas that now serve as storage facilities.  These can be an excellent place to store wine due to the fact that they remain at a constant and cool temperature quite naturally.  Wine should be kept cool at all times – under 75ºF – yet the temperature also needs to stay largely constant, with humidity no higher than 70%.

There are also specialty storage options for business documents.  Some businesses may have boxes of files that they are legally obliged to keep but are clogging up their office.  Making a move to a bigger office would be expensive and time consuming, and many firms decide that it is a better idea to place documents into a storage facility.  Documents need to be protected against the elements, as moisture and humidity can result in them curling, getting yellowy, or even starting to develop mold.  Businesses need to make use of a storage facility that is climate controlled in order to protect against these dangers.  Storage facilities can also be very useful for antique businesses that have too many goods to keep in their normal shop, or people who have inherited an excess amount of antique old clothes.