Special Storage Services

Special Storage Services

If you need your personal possessions to go into storage when you are moving, you might want to give a little thought to special storage services. This is where your moving company places some of your items separately to others to protect them as much as possible. Every moving company storage facility is different and some have more options than others; therefore, it is worth asking what your moving company can offer.

Does it offer an inventory service for your goods? This means that everything can be carefully packed away and checked off the list again when it is delivered to you at your new home, which is particularly useful if your items are going to be in long-term storage

Can your moving company make special arrangements for soft furnishings? Talk to your moving company about different storage areas for curtains and carpets, particularly if you are going to be storing these items on a long-term basis. There may also be special areas for your sofa and chairs where they can be covered and protected from any possible environmental damage, such as damp air.

File storage is also important if you have a home office or if it is an office that you are moving rather than your home. Storage modules for archive boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and these can usually be easily accessed if you need them before the actual move.

It is worth spending a bit of time talking through your storage requirements with your moving company to make sure that your goods are well looked after.