Sorting out your bathroom ready for a house move

Sorting out your bathroom ready for a house move

You might think that your bathroom is going to be the easiest room in the house to sort out ready for a move, but the process is a little more complicated than simply packing everything into a box.

As with other rooms, when you are packing to move you should sort the bathroom out so that old and useless items are disposed of. First of all tackle your medicine cabinet, as the last thing you need is to be taking items with you that are old or out of date. Check expiry dates – anything that is past its expiry date should be put to one side for disposal. Do the same with anything that has a label that cannot be read or that does not have a label at all. Check medicines to make sure that the color, consistency, appearance and smell have not changed, and dispose of any medication for conditions that you no longer need to be treated for.

Resist the urge to flush the medicine down the toilet to get rid of it; instead, take it along to your local pharmacy, which will dispose of it for you safely. The medicines you are taking to your pharmacy can simply be packed into a small box, making sure that everything is sealed and that you wrap glass bottles carefully.

Your toiletries should be subjected to the same treatment. Anything that has been open for a long time should not be part of your house move. Throw it away and pack only the items that you know you are going to use and that you want to keep.