Soon-to-Be Empty Nester? Storage Solutions for You

Soon-to-Be Empty Nester? Storage Solutions for You

Are the last of your children getting ready to move out on their own?  Is this the day you’ve been both hoping for and dreading for years?  Many empty nesters are torn when the kids move out – they are happy for the kids but what do they do with all that extra space?  And what do they do with all that stuff?

When the kids move out, get ready for their remnants to be left behind.  Yes – they will definitely NOT take everything with them!  So, what do you do with all the junk (don’t let them hear you call it that) they’ve left behind in your house?  Well, you could call up a junk removal company and toss it all out, but that might cause a family feud.

If you want to reclaim your home as your own but can’t get the kids to take all their stuff with them when they relocate, you could consider placing all their stuff in long-term storage.  This decision should actually be fairly easy for you.  It’s deciding which of the many storage solutions out there is right for you.

There are storage companies that provide full service – that means they will come and pick up all the stuff you want to store and take it to their facility.  If you want, you can pack everything up and label it.  If not, they’ll do it for you!  Things to consider when choosing a storage solution is if the facility is climate-controlled and well-maintained to prevent pests.

Jon Huser