Some Basic Questions about Movers

Some Basic Questions about Movers

When people move, there are so many things they forget to consider when dealing with their moving company.  For example, what happens when the movers don’t or won’t deliver goods?  What happens when the moving company jacks up the original price?  Could a moving company disappear with all my stuff?  Read on to learn more.

Delivering the Goods

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the moving company won’t drop off your household items?  It all comes down to the type of agreement you have in place with the moving company.  As long as you have already paid them more than 100% (usually 110%) of the non-binding estimate or the entire binding estimate, you are protected.  If the moving company has failed to deliver your goods, they are clearly violating the Federal regulations in place.

The Pricing

It is not alright for a moving company to jack up the price after you have agreed on it, especially if there is a binding estimate.  If the moving company raises the price, you don’t have to pay more than 100% of the previously binding estimate.  Any additional charges are required to be billed after 30 days.

Disappearing Act

Although it does not happen often, movers may disappear with all of your stuff.  If this happens, you have fallen victim to a moving company scam.  In such cases you should definitely file a complaint with your state and also contact the State Attorney’s Office.

Jon Huser