Social Media in the Moving and Storage Industry

Social Media in the Moving and Storage Industry

It seems like every industry these days is incorporating social media into their marketing, advertising and daily operations efforts. So, why would the moving and storage industry be any different?

Well, professionals within the moving and storage industry haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon as quickly as other sectors. But, the transition is happening – we can see it more and more everyday. Moving companies and storage organizations are popping up with Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and more. But why? How does social media impact this industry?

For one, social media can help moving and storage companies connect with their customers. Small, medium and large moving companies have been known to actively help customers resolve their personal relocation dilemma. Social media is also a great way for moving and storage companies to deal with service complaints.

However, it seems as though this incorporation of social media isn’t as widespread as it could be. There are plenty of national brands that do have social media accounts, but don’t use them nearly as much as they probably should. Efforts could be made to use social media a little more to provide professional relocation advice, move management counseling, and general problem resolution.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure why the moving and storage industry hasn’t moved into using social media more quickly. However, we think it could only help! What do you think?

Lance Grooms