Smith Street restaurant to move to Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is a destination purely for art no longer.  Top rated chef Saul Bolton is to move his much loved eponymous restaurant to the preeminent institution of the borough later in 2013 and will also be performing a revamp on its less-than-adored cafeteria. The primary restaurant, which will be situated on the terrace of the museum, will serve brunch as well as lunch and dinner.  “We’ve been talking about developing a destination restaurant at the museum,” museum director Arnold Lehman notes of the unexpected move.  “Saul’s food is very local.  Long before the locavore food fetish and is very artisanal, beautifully prepared and is very fresh.”

The restaurant will not be able to cater to everybody, however, given that many people may not wish or indeed be able to pay $16 for a dish of cauliflower soup or $31 for a fish platter.  This is where the cafeteria will come in, offering a range of much more affordable fare. 

“It will be a fast, casual, cafe concept,” a spokeswoman for Saul Bolton says. Bolton’s relocation of his restaurant into the Brooklyn Museum is already being compared by a number of food lovers to the Modern, which is a fine dining restaurant situated in the Museum of Modern Art, located in midtown.  Lehman says that the Brooklyn Museum hopes that Saul’s restaurant making a move into the museum will result in a similar kind of global following to that enjoyed by the Modern.

Gene Salaz