Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day takes place every year on 15th February.  Singles Awareness Day is for people who do not have a romantic partner and it is no coincidence that it takes place on the day after Valentine’s Day, which is a celebration of romance and love for people who are currently in a relationship.

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a depressing day for people who are without a romantic partner or who have just ended a romantic relationship, and can leave them feeling decidedly left out.  There is also the reality that many people simply do not wish to be in a romantic relationship and are happier being single than when they are partnered; thus, the notion of Singles Awareness Day came about.

There are a number of ways for people to celebrate Singles Awareness Day.  There are many get-togethers for singles arranged on this day.  Some of these events may be for those singles who are looking for a romantic relationship and give them the chance to meet other singles.  Single people can give each other gifts as tokens of friendship, while some might want to spend some time on dating sites.

Again, however, not all singles want a partner and can often be irritated by the presumptuousness of society’s attitudes.  There are sometimes singles parties and get-togethers that are not so much about looking for a partner as about celebrating the fact that they are single and planning to stay that way!