Simplify frequent military moves

Simplify frequent military moves

The great majority of military families will have to move every two to four years, which means that an awful lot of time is spent packing and unpacking and attempting to make old items fit into new homes – something that can be more and more challenging with every move.  The good news is that there are a few tips to follow that can simplify these constant moves.

One good tip is to stage a sort of ‘pretend move’ every so often in order to make you more prepared for the next inevitable real move.  Get boxes or big bags and fill them with all of your items that you are not going to use again, that your children have outgrown, or items that are now broken.

Another good tip is to purchase practical items of furniture that can fit into a number of differently sized spaces.  Use the space in your current home to keep items in boxes that you either will not use at your current station, such as winter coats in El Paso, or that will not fit.  This contributes toward making relocation much easier, as the items are already packed.

Save your boxes every time you move.  Once you have unpacked, you can fold up and store any boxes that are still in good condition and can thus be used again, cutting down on the amount of time and energy you would need to spend on looking for new boxes for the next move.

Rick Wozniak