Simple packing hints for storage

There are a number of tips that can help to save you both money and time when it comes to packing items that you intend to place in a storage facility.  One valuable tip is to be aware that less is most certainly not more when it comes to storage.  You should never underestimate the amount of packing boxes that you are going to need, and it is a good idea to begin packing as soon as possible; if you run out of tape or boxes, you will have more than enough time to go and purchase some more.

When you pack the boxes that you are intending to place in a storage facility, it is vital to make careful use of all the space that is available within the box.  Boxes that are left with too much space unused or that have too many items packed in them tend to either collapse or burst.  Any remaining empty space can be filled with spare linen or butcher paper in order to prevent this from happening. Boxes should be completely sealed with box packing tape in order to keep dust out and to help to strengthen the box ready for when it is stacked inside a storage facility. Hanging your clothing is another good piece of advice. 

If you are going to be putting clothes into storage then you should buy port-a-robes, which are perfect for storing clothes on hangers.  The space at the bottom can be made use of to store shoes.

Lance Grooms