Signing a rental contract for storage

Before you sign a contract to rent a storage facility, you should make certain that you are fully cognizant of all the details and the kind of information that may be presented to you.  It is crucial to read storage facility contracts thoroughly – particularly the small print – before putting your signature to it.

When it comes to the general contract information, you need to scrutinize it carefully even though at first glance it may appear to be fairly basic.  You need to be aware of what might happen if you make a late payment, even if it is due to circumstances beyond your control.  The last thing you want is to see your possessions being sold off at an auction because you failed to read the storage contract correctly.  You also need to know the kind of access that the employees of the storage facility might have to your items.  You should make certain that such access is only granted to employees in the event of emergency.

Before you sign the storage contract you should inspect the space that you are to rent.  Once you have signed the lease, it is yours and it is too late to complain if you find dirt, leaks or vermin after the contract has been signed.  If you find any damages, have them noted on your contract so that you do not end up paying for them later on.

If you find major damages, you should not be afraid to ask for a different unit or even find a different storage company. Full service storage options allow a hands-off option which is a great solution for many.