Should you stay or should you go?

Should you stay or should you go?

When a service member receives their orders for deployment, their spouse must make a decision about whether to go with them, remain in their present situation or move back to their former community to be with family and friends while their loved one is away.

There are a number of advantages to remaining in your present military community; however, it is vital to take into consideration all the benefits and all the disadvantages of each choice before coming to a final decision.  The choice to stay or move is a very personal one and is likely to be dependent on a number of different factors; one of these factors will be the level of the ties you have in your present community.

Those who have been in their military community for some time are likely to have developed support systems that will assist them while their partner is away.  It is more difficult to make a move if you have children, particularly older children whose lives and education would be disrupted by relocation; on the other hand, if you have a toddler or a baby you may prefer to live with relatives who can assist with their care.

Making a move can also be expensive, especially given that you will have to pay for everything to be moved back again when your spouse returns from deployment.  Relocating back home might seem the like the best idea, but it can create some ultimately unnecessary problems.