Should You Sell Your Car or Move with It?

Should You Sell Your Car or Move with It?

When you are packing for a move, you start analyzing everything in your home. You ask yourself, “Do I need to bring this with me? Should I just purchase a new one when I get to my new home?” Many people ask themselves these questions about smaller items, but what about your car? Moving a car over a long distance can be challenging, to say the least. If you have a couple of cars to move, you might have a real nightmare on your hands. Bekins Moving Solutions is dedicated to helping our clients with every aspect of their move. Sometimes that includes giving advice on what we know has worked for our customers to make their transition a bit easier.

The Distance Factor

The decision on whether to sell your car before your move or not will depend on the unique characteristics of your move. The biggest deciding factor is how far you are moving. If your move is long distance but is within a reasonable distance to drive, then it may be worth it to keep your car. However, if you are moving across the country or overseas, the cost of shipping your car may override any savings of keeping it.

Weighing Costs

A car is not cheap, and unfortunately, whether you keep the vehicle or sell it to purchase a new one, you will have to spend a bit of money. You are going to have to do some math to decide what makes better financial sense. Identify the value of your car in its current condition. Compare that to the price of getting your car to the new location. If the money to transport your car is more than what the car is worth, you may want to consider selling it and purchasing a new car once you arrive at your destination.

Other Considerations

There are other costs that many people don’t consider when moving your car. There are state registration fees, emission standards, and some states even require special taxes for cars brought in from out of state. If you are concerned about these costs, you should do some research before deciding to sell your car. Locate your state’s DMV or Department of Transportation website and find the following information:

  • What emissions tests your car must pass
  • The cost of testing
  • If you buy a car, who pays for the testing?
  • Will my insurance premiums change?
  • What are the registration costs?
  • Are there additional requirements for out of state cars?
  • Are there any laws that restrict the type of car that can be considered for testing?

Check out your new location’s public transportation system. If you live close by where you will be working, you may not even need a car.

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