Should You Move Into a Patio Home?

Should You Move Into a Patio Home?

Patio Home Pros

When you have decided that a single-family home is not for you, you may be looking for alternatives. There are many positives when it comes to moving into a patio home. Look through these and see if they would apply to you:

  • Patio homes are typically more affordable when compared to single-family homes.
  • You do not have any neighbors above or below you.
  • There is only one shared wall, which is typically very thick.
  • Patio homes are less densely populated than townhouses and condos.
  • With fewer residents, patio home communities tend to be quieter.
  • Patio homes are a great choice for vacation homes.
  • Patio homes have little to no maintenance, as the community covers the cost.
  • Your neighbors tend to stay for longer periods of time, compared to apartment buildings.

Patio Home Cons

Patio homes aren’t for everyone. If you value total and complete privacy inside and outside, then you may want to consider a single-family home with a fenced yard. While patio homes are a great fit for many, it is important that you go through the possible negative aspects of living in a patio home. It is much better to consider these prior to moving in, so you don’t start to regret your decision after all the papers are signed.

  • You may experience noise from your neighbors through the shared wall.
  • Patio homes often have monthly homeowners’ association fees to cover maintenance.
  • Your patio home may be subject to restrictions laid out by the homeowners’ association.
  • There tends to be less of a selection of patio homes when compared to townhouses and condos.
  • You won’t have a yard – just the shared common area that your neighbors also access.

As you can see, there are many positives and a few negatives when it comes to patio homes. The key when choosing the right home is that you and your family feel comfortable and happy. Part of feeling good about your purchase is having a moving plan. That is where Bekins Moving Solutions comes in! Let us know how we can help you with moving into your patio home.

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