Sharing your storage space

Sharing your storage space

If you have finally moved out on your own, or have moved into a dorm or in with a friend, you may discover that you have a few additional items that just seem to be cluttering up your new space.  Storage is an excellent option for somewhere to put your boxes full of awkward sporting gear, clothes that are out of season and even the odd piece of furniture that just does not suit or fit into your new environment; however, the reality is that while you may have some additional items such as these, you may not have enough of them to make it worth your while to rent out a storage facility.  In this case it may be a good idea to think about sharing a storage facility with a friend, relative or roommate.

The first thing that you should do is to review your finances and think about your options.  Storage facilities are available in a wide range of price ranges and sizes.  Before you make the decision to share a storage facility with somebody else, you need to evaluate just how able both parties are to meet the financial commitment required.  Come up with a payment plan and decide whether the storage charge will be billed to your card or theirs, or if it will be paid in cash.  You need to think whether you really trust this person to be able to pay their share or whether it would be better to pay in advance for at least six months.

You also need to consider how well you and your storage partner are able to communicate.  Are you able to voice complaints and talk freely to one another without causing offense?  Communication needs to be kept open between you and your storage partner in order to avoid possible problems.  You need to know how you both resolve problems and who will sweep out the storage facility.  The space in the facility also needs to be clearly divided.  From the very beginning you should decide what types of items are allowed to be stored in the facility.

You need to make decisions about who is allowed to access the storage facility.  Your valuables should not be stored in a facility if your partner is willing to allow access to people that you neither know nor trust.  Should you choose to share a storage facility, you should have both of your names and contact information on the contract.  If you pay by credit card, check to make certain that the payment goes through every month.

If you are storing valuables that are worth replacing should anything untoward happen to them, you need to get insurance.  Your partner in storage should be treated in much the same manner as a roommate.  You need to choose someone you trust and know is responsible, and make sure that your expectations and rules have been clearly communicated.