Seven tips to make relocation easier

Seven tips to make relocation easier

Moving is not as simple as throwing a few things into a bag.  Moving means taking what you have collected with you, unless you have decided to run away and leave it all behind.  Very few people decide to sell everything and just move with the clothing on their backs.  Even if you hire a moving company there is a lot to consider in how your stuff will get moved from your old home to your new home.  The following hints can be used to help you relocate with ease.

For those who do not live in an apartment, an important step to moving is selling a home.  If your company is relocating you then you need to negotiate terms for the sale.  You want a buy back option and to obtain the market value of your home so that you do not lose out on the value.  You should at least get enough on the home to pay off the mortgage and leave you a little money, unless the home is in negative equity.  This could pose a few issues.  Renting your home may be another option if a short sale is not.  Renting does pose a few issues, such as having trustworthy tenants, but hiring a management company can solve this issue.

Moving companies have expert advice that you may find quite helpful.  They often know how to pack some of your prized possessions and can do so quickly.  For those who are on a tight budget and cannot afford the expert advice, at least take advantage of the advice they offer for free on their site.  Besides, you never know what is unaffordable until you actually study all of the quotes and companies.

Look into the cost of living in the place you are moving.  A higher cost of living can make things more difficult for you.  You might need to negotiate a better salary at your workplace or obtain more in closing on your home.  In this way you have a little savings.  A company relocation allows you to deduct the moving expenses from your taxes, as long as you move over 50 miles.

If you have decided to find a moving company there are some things you should consider.  First, check on the moving company by asking around.  Your friends may be able to help you find a moving company you can trust.  If they are unsure, make certain to compare the companies.  Check with the company to see if they have the dates you need to move.  Movers tend to be booked in advance, so contact them as soon as you have a date.

There are some months that offer better rates for movers.  You may need to negotiate the costs, such as getting a secure contract with a ‘not to exceed’ clause.  This can help keep the costs down for you.

If something goes wrong with the move, make certain there is insurance and/or valuation coverage on your home goods.  The company may have a policy but you need to make certain it is enough to cover all damage that may occur.

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