Settling in to your new home

Settling in to your new home

The move has been completed, you have arrived in your new home, unpacked and started to settle in.  You might even have set your new house or apartment up and selected schools for your children, but it still doesn’t quite feel like home just yet.  How long will it take before it does feel like home?

How long it takes to feel at home in your new environment after a move often depends on the circumstances.  If you have relatives nearby, visited the area as a child or have a company ‘work family’, it will probably happen a lot quicker than if you arrive in a new place in which you have no roots at all.  Home is often about people and having relationships with friends, teachers, neighbors and even local shop owners.

Relocation can be very stressful, and a good deal of this is not so much about packing boxes and arranging all the details as it is about worrying over forming relationships with new people and wondering if you will ever truly feel at home in a new place.  The feeling of home can only be developed over time; patience is vital, as is getting out there and actively trying to cultivate new relationships.

Try to do something you would not ordinarily do every week, even if it is something as simple as walking your dog in a park often frequented by other pet owners.  One of the better methods of creating new ties is through community service and volunteering.