Settle into your new home and community

Settle into your new home and community

Moving home is a very exciting time, but what happens once you’ve arrived at your new place? How do you settle in quickly and make new friends?

Relocating can be stressful and never more so than when you are moving to an area that you do not really know. You may know where the nearest store is or where the schools are, but how far away from your friends are you going to be? While you should keep in touch with old friends, the opportunity to make new friends should not be missed.

In an ideal world your neighbors will call and introduce themselves when you arrive; however, if this does not happen, you should not take it as a personal slight. It may be that they are busy and have not realized that somebody new has moved in. Bite the bullet and go over and introduce yourself.

Don’t expect all your neighbors to become instant friends. Some may be very friendly, but others may want to keep themselves to themselves. Don’t be offended by this, as it could just take a little time for you to get to know them.

When you have unpacked and feel ready, why not throw a housewarming party? It does not have to be too extravagant. Simply inviting the neighbors over for pizza and beers might be enough to help to get to know them better and break the ice. Some of your neighbors may understand the stress connected with long-distance relocation and could be ready with advice and help just when you need it.