Setting Proper Moving Expectations – Timelin …

Setting Proper Moving Expectations – Timelin …

Proper organization is key to a successful move, and having a timeline allows you to stay on track from start to finish. It’s recommended to start the moving process as soon as possible and to slowly complete the required tasks as needed. This will ensure a smooth, stress-free move and one that doesn’t leave you scrambling at the last minute.

Two Months Before Moving Day

There are many moving tasks you can complete as soon as you have decided to move. The sooner you complete the tasks, the less stressful the move will be as proper organization is key to ensuring a smooth transition.
As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to have the following steps complete approximately two months prior to the big day:
 Research moving companies
 Get an estimate in writing from each moving company you’re interested in
 Create a moving to-do list
 Donate or throw away items you won’t be moving

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

As the move-in day fast approaches, it’s time to put in some elbow grease. Approximately six weeks prior to the big day, these are the following tasks you’ll want to have completed:
 Research proper moving techniques
 Take measurements of your new home
 Map out a moving day blueprint
 Order proper moving supplies
 Stop re-stocking and start using up the things you don’t want to move, such as perishable foods and household supplies
 Begin packing things you don’t use frequently
 Choose your moving company
 Separate your valuables from your other belongings
 Create a coding or labeling system for your boxes
 Pack up décor, artwork, knickknacks, movies, etc.
 Rent a storage unit if needed

One Month Before Moving Day

With only four weeks left until moving day, it’s time to narrow in on the tasks that are often left forgotten. Here are some things to add to your to-do list to ensure a gradual and successful moving process:

 Schedule a change of address and mail-forwarding services
 Inform companies such as your bank, service providers, health care providers and newspaper subscriptions of your address change
 Start separating your belongings into three piles: donate, sell and throw out
 Donate, sell or throw out items you’ve separated
 Contact service providers to inform them of shut-off/transferring date
 Continue packing up the ins and outs of your home
 Make alternative arrangements for items that cannot be moved in a moving truck

One Week Before Moving Day

There should be very little left for you to do as you approach the two-week deadline. The majority of your items should be packed, your services are scheduled to be switched over to your new address and your current home is starting to look a little bare. But before you call it a day, make sure you have the following tasks completed:
 Reconfirm arrangements with your moving company
 Pack an overnight moving bag
 Put together a moving day essentials box
 Take inventory of the items being moved
 Defrost the freezer
 Give your home a deep-clean

One Day Before Moving Day

Finally, the big day has arrived! The only things left for you to sit back and wait for the moving truck to arrive. Now would also be a great time to prepare the home and property for safe and efficient moving by completing the following tasks:
 Shovel/salt walkways
 Layer the floors with a protective surface
 Remove doors as needed
 Wash down and unplug your appliances
 Send the kids (and animals) off to their grandparents


If organization isn’t your forte or the complex tasks involved with moving seem too overwhelming for you to bear, take advantage of Bekins Moving Solutions. We offer professional full-service moving solutions that handle all of your moving requirements from start to finish.