Senior Citizen Moving Tips

Senior Citizen Moving Tips

Moving is a difficult task at any age. The heavy lifting is tough on your body and equally as difficult on your emotions, as you prepare to start a new chapter in life in a new home. Bekins Moving Solutions can help you through this overwhelming and exhausting process, so you can start enjoying and embracing your new humble abode. Here are some of our top tips for senior citizens moving, along with professional moving services that can ensure a stress-free, seamless transition.

Start Early and Slowly

The more time you have to prepare for the move, the better. Not only will this provide you with a sufficient amount of time to complete the small tasks associated with the move, but it’ll also give you time to process any emotions that erupt during this time. Additionally, starting the moving process early will help alleviate stress, as you have a sufficient amount of time to complete any tasks on your moving to-do list.

Speak with Your Loved Ones

It’s important to take time to care for yourself as you prepare for this transition in your life. Moving from a home where years of memories have been created is not only stressful but also, exceptionally emotional. So, it’s important to remember to lean on your loved ones for support.

Hire Professional Packers to Ease the Emotions

If packing up your memories is too overwhelming for you at this time, leave this moving task to the professionals. With Bekins Moving Solutions, you can opt to have professional packers come to your home with all the necessary moving materials to do all the packing for you. This can be an excellent way to ease your emotions if you’re having difficulties going through your belongings, and it also checks off one of the rigorous tasks of moving off your to-do list.

Make the Move Exciting

A great way to enjoy this transition in your life is to make it exciting. Draw up floor plans for your new home and play around with the different interior design options. Treat yourself to a shopping trip to the mall and pick up some new décor, furniture, and splashes of paint you’ve always wanted to have in your home. Start envisioning all the possibilities and adventures that will be had in your future humble abode, and keep this moment in your life exciting.

Take Advantage of Full-Service Movers

Bekins Moving Solutions main mission is to provide our customers with a stress-free move. As such, we offer premium professional moving services that can take care of all of the most complex moving tasks. Our professional movers also come with all the equipment needed for a safe and efficient move, and at no additional cost.

Focus on the Positive

Alleviating the stress of a move can be as simple as focusing on the positive. Although the move may be emotionally difficult, it’s equally as exciting. Try to focus on the happy moments that will come with this new chapter in your life, along with all the new adventure and new memories you’ll make.

Emphasize the Self-Storage Options

One of the hardest parts to moving as a senior citizen is having to part from items that you simply aren’t ready to leave behind. Fortunately, with the various self-storage options, as you can keep everything you love – from family heirlooms to antiques, extra furniture, souvenirs, photo albums and more. So, even if your home doesn’t have the space for all of your belongings, that doesn’t mean you have to part from them completely.

Whether it’s downsizing to a smaller home or moving into a retirement community, Bekins Moving Solutions can provide you with a stress-free, enjoyable and seamless transition. Our professional movers are eager to take on the most rigorous tasks, so you can sit back and cherish the moment.