Selling your home while living there

Selling your home can be a difficult task, particularly if you are attempting to do so while still living there.  People who are looking to buy a home tend to try to visualize what it would look like if they were living there, which is something that can be difficult to do when it is already lived in and other people’s possessions are all over the place; however, there are a number of tips that you can follow to make it simpler to sell your home even as you still reside there.

You should do your best to try to keep out of the way of potential buyers as much as you possibly can.  The simplest method of doing this is to clean up as you go.  Washing up, laundry, bits of food here and there – clean them all up to try and make your home as presentable as possible.  You cannot make your home look as though your move has already taken place, but you can make it appear as close as you can to a show home.

Another good tip is to declutter your cupboards.  Any serious buyer is going to check out as much of the home as they can, including the hidden nooks and crannies.  Tidying away the clutter inside cupboards can make the difference between someone making a serious enquiry or a speedy retreat. You should also box up personal photos in order to prevent someone who is thinking of making a move into your house being unable to think of creating their own memories there.

Lance Grooms