Sell your home through social media

Sell your home through social media

With social networking sites growing in importance when it comes to the real estate marketing industry, many homeowners are asking themselves whether social media could help them to sell their house.

Purchasers thinking about relocation are already expecting a good deal more from real estate agents and property portals now that they have become accustomed to friends, family and other businesses having an online presence.  Now that house hunters have a more informal platform from which to perform their search, home owners who are looking to sell and move elsewhere can use the lack of a middleman to their own advantage by engaging directly with possible buyers.

Many people are unaware of how to use social media sites this way, but there are a few handy hints.  One good tip is that if you are just starting out with the likes of Twitter, never begin by trying to sell something.  You have to alter the way that you think and interact and engage with others.  There are many business accounts on Twitter that do not even mention their own company products; the businesses just post funny photos or cartoons and people follow them because they make them laugh.

Entertaining people means that you are actually worth following.  Originality can also be a good way to attract attention.  The son of a seller in the United States, whose account was there solely to sell a property, attracted positive attention with entertaining tweets by the house itself.

Jon Huser