See What Happens When You Remove a Facebook Friend …

See What Happens When You Remove a Facebook Friend …

With Facebook friends like these, who needs enemies?

Last week, police in Des Moines, Iowa arrested Jennifer Christine Harris, a 30-year-old woman who allegedly burned down her neighbor’s house. Why? Not because she wanted them to move away. She apparently burned down the house because the neighbor had removed her as a friend on the popular social networking site, Facebook.

Talk about retribution!

Here’s the story. At about 1am, Jim and Nikki Rasmussen were awakened by a loud booming sound and managed to escape. The siding on their house had actually melted! Looks like they will need to relocate, if not just for a little while.

But we think if you live next door to someone who wants to burn down your house, it might be a good idea to move anyway.

Apparently, Nikki Rasmussen and Harris had a very public falling out on Facebook because a party invitation created by Rasmussen for Harris didn’t generate enough acceptances. The invitation debacle prompted a text message and Facebook message war between the two women, which ultimately resulted in Rasmussen removing Harris as a friend.

Before this dispute, the two ladies were the best of friends.

So, what do we learn from this? A couple of things: don’t move next door to your best Facebook friend and then have an argument – you might lose your house to arson! Another thing: social networking, while incredibly interesting can also be very counterproductive.

Lance Grooms