Security considerations for storage facilities

Security considerations for storage facilities

If you are engaged in a massive redecoration project and need to clear some space in your home, have inherited a number of antiques that you just do not have the room for, or are moving home but will be unable to move into your new property for several weeks after you leave your old one, the chances are that you are going to need to make use of the services of a storage facility.  One of the main concerns most people have when renting a storage facility is whether their beloved possessions will be safe and secure there.  Most storage companies offer some form of security, but some provide more than others.

You should talk with the management of the firm and make a personal visit to the site of the storage facility in order to get a sense of what the local neighborhood is like and to see for yourself the condition of the facility and its surroundings.  This also provides you with the opportunity to see what the security arrangements, including security guards and cameras, are like at the facility.  Try to go on a tour of the grounds on your own so that you can chat freely with other current customers of the facility and talk about any problems they might have had with the facility and its management, and whether they are happy with the level of service and security that they and their belongings receive.

You need to know the kind of security arrangements that are provided by the storage company and there are a few specific things that you should be on the lookout for.  One of these is fencing.  A fence of some variety, or even iron bars or a concrete barrier frequently surrounds storage facilities.  You should take a look at this fence and check it for gaps and solidity – would it be easy for unwanted visitors to climb over it or break it down?  Access is something else you need to concern yourself with.  How is access to the storage facility granted?  Some companies make use of a gate that is opened by a keypad code or by swiping a card.  You might want to see the length of time in which the gate remains open after a legitimate visitor has entered and see whether there is any record of visitors and if there are alarms.

Lighting and surveillance cameras are also important considerations.  How much lighting is provided by the facility?  If you visited your unit at night, would you be able to see it and would it be well-lit without any shadows for strangers to hide in?  With regard to security cameras, you need to know if there is surveillance only on the front gate or if all units and hallways are also guarded.  Do security staff members constantly monitor these cameras or are they only checked after a security breach?  All these questions are vital in ensuring that you have peace of mind when placing your possessions into storage.