Security and storage

When you are looking at putting your possessions into storage, the reality is that you cannot put too high a price on security.  Everybody makes sure that their homes are well protected to ensure that their belongings are safe, so why should a storage facility be any different in this regard?

All storage facilities will have some degree of security on offer on site, which can range from the simple to the extremely high-tech.  Your level of comfort with the available options may well be the deciding factor, along with just how valuable the items you are putting into storage really are.  Irreplaceable and expensive heirlooms will probably need to be protected by state-of-the-art security systems, but a more basic choice may be acceptable for items that are of no great monetary or sentimental value.

The first thing you should do is to visit some storage facilities and determine how secure they appear to be.  Even the strongest of padlocks will not hold off thieves on its own, so a storage facility that lacks security, CCTV and has big holes in the security fence may well put you off using its services.

Security measures vary quite widely throughout the storage industry.  You should never choose a facility that does not have at least some basic security measures in place, such as general alarms, fire and smoke alarm systems, restricted access systems, swipe or key card access for your facility and/or monitored CCTV surveillance cameras.