Securing visas and passports prior to overseas PCS

Securing visas and passports prior to overseas PCS

Civilian personnel, such as dependents, need to have a passport in order to be able to move overseas.  When it comes to official travel, the Department of Defense requires that military personnel and their dependents have a ‘no fee’ passport with a SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) stamp in it.

The Status of Forces Agreement stamp can be obtained from a US military passport office or agent, and needs to be obtained before you move overseas.  Dependents who are not citizens of the United States need to have a valid passport from the country in which they do have citizenship in addition to the Status of Forces Agreement stamp.

A ‘no fee’ passport carries with it an endorsement that identifies the bearer as being an agent of the US Government who is heading overseas on travel for official purposes.  If you require a ‘no fee’ passport, the Human Resources Office near you will be able to get you a DD Form 1056, as well as a Request for Visa Preparation and/or an Authorization to Apply for this ‘no fee’ passport.

DD Form 1056 serves as proof that both you and your dependents have the authorization necessary to be able to apply for a ‘no-fee’ passport for your relocation and can be made us of in lieu of, or as well as, official travel orders so that there is authority for a ‘no-fee’ passport to be issued by the Department of State.

Rick Wozniak