Save time and money with storage tips

Save time and money with storage tips

Using packing accessories such as packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic furniture covers, boxes and cartons, tape and port-a-robes will help to protect and maintain your possessions after you have put them into storage.  Cartons should be filled to capacity, as bulging or only partially full cartons could collapse or tip.

Heavy items such as tools or books need to be packed into small cartons in order to make them simple to handle.  Books should be packed flat rather than on their spines, while packing and labeling cartons on a room by room basis will help to make life a lot easier later on when the time comes to unpack or when you need to find an item in the storage facility.

Freezers, fridges and other white goods need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being put into storage.  The doors of these items should be kept slightly ajar while in storage, with a deodorizer placed inside the appliances so that freshness is maintained.  No other items should be put inside freezers and fridges because the linings and shelves can be marked and damaged very easily.

The contents of cupboards, drawers and wardrobes should be emptied in order to safeguard the structure and shelves of these goods.  Personal goods and items of clothing should be packed inside strong and secure cartons along with insect repellent or another similar product so that their condition is likewise maintained and protected.