Save money with an office move

Save money with an office move

Most people might not think that moving offices would be a good way for a business to try to save money.  When people think about having to move offices, expenses such as construction, the build-out for the new space, buying new telecom equipment, purchasing new furniture and hiring movers are probably all that springs to mind; however, the fact is that despite these daunting initial costs, a wise office move can actually ending up saving businesses money over the long term.

Commercial property is currently a lot less pricey than it was just a few short years ago, which means that anyone who currently has a seven or ten year lease will likely be able to get something far cheaper if they move into new office space.  This can result in a mammoth saving in overhead expenses.

Not only do lower costs mean that you are able to get a less expensive space but also just cutting down on your minimum square foot requirement can drastically reduce your spending.  Modern space planning innovations mean that businesses are able to fit into spaces that are a lot smaller because the space has been designed in a smarter manner.  Discuss the situation with a space planner to see how much you could save on square footage and you will be able to immensely reduce the cost of your expenditure on real estate.

Another tip for saving space is to rework your business operations.  Many employees are able to work from home with today’s technology and if your business could support this, why not?

Lance Grooms